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Helpforme is proud to sponsor the RBC GranFondo Whistler because we’re cyclists just like you.

Even in the safest city
accidents happen.

Vancouver has the lowest number of crashes involving cyclists by far, with less than one crash per 100,000 cycling trips. But that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen.

In 2016, there were over 2,100 accidents involving cyclists across British Columbia.



"Cyclists shouldn’t have to accept that it’s normal to have so many accidents happening on an annual basis. Accidents affect our lives in ways that are unimaginable, which no sum of money can equate to."


As cyclists ourselves, we have a personal stake in the matter and are providing advocacy and support for cyclists - when you need it the most.

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We Represent Cyclists
because we're cyclists too.

icbc personal injury claims

As cyclists, we understand that being active is a big part of your life. If you’ve been injured by a vehicle while cycling, Helpforme is here on your behalf to help you be stronger.

In addition to your injury claim, ICBC is responsible for: 

  • Medical Benefits
  • Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Wage Loss Benefits

If you’ve been hurt, call and let us know what’s happened. We know how to deal with ICBC and the unique circumstances around cycling accidents. We’ll advise you if there are any time limits that could affect your case. Get help when you need it most.

3 things to do
if you are in an accident


Get All The Details

First, make sure that you get the license plate and driver details of the vehicle involved in the crash. It is also a good idea to get the personal information of any witnesses and if possible take photos of the scene. If you’ve been hurt and gathering details is the furthest thing from your mind, we can work with what you’ve got. We’ll figure it out together.


See Your Doctor & Call helpforme

It’s time to take care of yourself. Depending on the severity of your accident, see your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately for medical attention. Once you’ve been cared for, contact Helpforme.  We’ll support you through the claim process and help with any ongoing medical assessments and additional assistance you need to heal.


Report Your Claim with our advice

Call ICBC directly to report your claim. Make sure you have all your details ready for the call. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have the most hassle-free experience with ICBC with as little stress as possible.

New legislation passed which will cap your claims

The Government has passed legislation capping ICBC payouts at $5,500 for pain and suffering due to a minor soft tissue injury from a car accident, affecting injuries sustained from April 1, 2019.

If you've been injured in an accident, your claim will be governed by the existing rules and the caps will not apply to your case. Helpforme can work with you to put a strategy in place. We will advise you through the process, be completely transparent, and together we'll work to your greatest advantage.

Helpforme supports cyclists

Cyclist - 45 Years

Derek is a true cycling phenom. At 45 years of age he has competed in numerous cycling events and stage races around the globe. He is one of the strongest riders we know and has an incredibly positive attitude. His passion for riding is contagious.

The Accident

Derek was cycling with his club travelling northeast along SW Marine Drive approaching Angus. While occupying the bike lane, an oncoming motorist made a left hand turn. The motorist had been waived through by a driver who was at a standstill in traffic backed up along SW Marine Drive. The left turning vehicle proceeded directly into Derek’s lane of travel resulting in a collision. Derek was fortunate. Although his $15,000 racing bike was destroyed and he suffered a shoulder dislocation, he was otherwise okay.

How We Changed the Outcome

When Derek contacted us for legal advice we assured him that his bicycle would be paid for by the offending motorist and furthermore, he would be entitled to compensation for his injured shoulder. In the process of representing Derek, we scheduled him for a consultation with the Alan McGavin Joint Preservation Clinic at UBC.

In defending the claim, ICBC alleged Derek was partly to blame for the accident. Since southbound traffic was backed up along SW Marine Drive, they argued that Derek – as a southbound cyclist – had a responsibility to watch for left turning vehicles. Given Derek was occupying the bike lane along Marine Drive we successfully argued that ICBC’s defence was completely without merit, unwilling to accept even a minor reduction in Derek’s claim entitlement.

Back in the Bike Saddle

Within a short time after the accident Derek returned to training.  We were extremely pleased that after his accident we could help him get full compensation for his bike and for injuries. We took great pride in playing a role in Derek’s rehabilitation and return to the roads.

Cyclist - 40 Years

Prior to his collision Leo was in excellent health and extremely active. He worked full time as a senior software developer and was an avid cyclist. He regularly worked out at the gym and also participated in ultimate Frisbee and soccer. He and his wife were busy raising three kids together, she being a full time homemaker and he the sole breadwinner for their family.

The Accident

Leo is a cycle commuter and had just dropped his youngest child off at school. On his way to work, towing his now empty child-carrier bike trailer behind him, a motorist failed to yield to him on a mini-traffic circle on a designated bicycle route. The motorist struck the empty bike trailer causing Leo’s bike to tip and throwing him to the ground. Even though Leo was wearing a helmet, he sustained a concussion and was transported by ground ambulance to hospital where he had x-rays and a CT scan of his head. He was left experiencing shoulder pain, a sore neck, on/off tearfulness, fatigue, headaches and increased irritability. Although his physical injuries resolved within about 9 months, his post-concussive psychological injuries continued to have profound impacts on his home and work relationships, ultimately thwarting his prospects for promotion at work.

How We Helped

ICBC denied their motorist was at fault for the collision. However, during cross-examination of the Defendant motorist during legal proceedings, it became apparent that their position of denial wasn’t tenable. We gave Leo the financial security to allow him to continue with psychological treatment to help with the anxiety and emotional consequences of the accident, as well as the financial means to allow him to spend quality time with his family. Leo did not take time away from work after his motor vehicle collision, in part because his family could not do without his income. We obtained a significant settlement for Leo. He and his family can now look forward to a holiday which would not otherwise have been possible.

After The Accident

Leo’s bike is just in for a tune-up and he is back to riding – the cognitive behavioral psychological treatment that we funded for him has given him the tools to allow Leo to ‘get back on the horse’ and return to cycling. He has some residual reservations about his vulnerability while on his bike, but he’s able to commute normally. He says he will always be vigilant about vehicles at cross-streets fully coming to a stop and/or making eye-contact so as to satisfy himself that he won’t be hit again. Leo was delighted with the result we achieved for him and is enjoying his bicycling again, as well as enjoying the freedom to be able to spend some additional quality time with his family.

"Joel and his team took the time to not only learn of the accident details but who I was as a person to take me on a path on settling my body and property damage, leaving me the freedom to recover and get on with my life."
Rob thompson
"Thanks to Dale I didn't have to worry about anything and was able to focus all my efforts into making a full recovery. Now I am able to enjoy riding my bike to work and around the seawall again."
Jasper Nidoy

How we can help you.

Personal Injury Claims

Helpforme does more than just champion your rights, we work towards getting the best possible results. We deal with insurance companies, cut through red tape, secure income replacement and disability benefits, and arrange for the medical care and therapy you need to heal. Our goal is to help you focus on your recovery, while we work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for your future.

Insurance Denials

Your policy was intended to give you peace of mind so when the insurance company fails to keep up their end of the bargain, it can be stressful. Helpforme will protect your rights and convince your insurer to put you first. We will support you to overcome any obstacles that come your way.


Disputes over Wills, Estates and Trusts are delicate matters, often occurring at an already emotional time in your life. Helpforme can support you through the process with both skill and sensitivity. We’ll be by your side, while expertly navigating you through your matter.

Product Liability

When you buy products, you assume they’re safe. If you suffer due to a defective product or an inadequate warning on a label, Helpforme will work to establish who is at legal fault. We’ll handle the process to get you the resolution you deserve and will partner with you to hold those at fault accountable.

your wellbeing is our priority.
All our personal legal services are contingency-based. This means you can reduce your stress and financial responsibility from the equation. We’ll support you through every step of your claim.

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