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Brandy is a passionate advocate for Women and Indigenous People. At the time of her slip and fall accident, she was working full time with Battered Women’s Support Services. Brandy was an active, vibrant 45-year old woman who hiked regularly and was training for a marathon.


Brandy was having work done on her car at a local garage. Walking through one of the work bays, she slipped on a puddle of oil. It had accumulated on the floor right in the middle of an area where customers walked.

Her fall was sudden as was the searing pain. She was taken to hospital in an ambulance where she was sedated and had to have her left ankle splinted. She was in a hospital for over a week following surgery. Once home, she had to use a wheelchair, motorized scooter, and crutches to get around. She needed medication for her pain, as well as physiotherapy to get her mobility back. It turned out that her slip on the puddle of oil had fractured her tibia and fibula, which subsequently resulted in depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness.


Initially, the garage denied any wrongdoing. Brandy knew that to get the right results, she needed our help. We guided her through every step of the process, from starting legal action to reaching the ultimate settlement.

Along the way, we gathered evidence to prove the garage didn’t do enough to keep its customers safe. They lacked a system to make sure spills, and other hazards were monitored and cleaned up properly.

Additionally, we worked with her surgeons and other specialists to ensure that all possible future consequences of the injury, such as arthritis, were explored and identified before resolving her claim.

Ultimately, our efforts were successful; we negotiated a settlement for Brandy in mediation so that she didn’t even have to go to trial. The mediator helped us reach a settlement with the garage owner’s insurance company. It was an excellent result for Brandy, and we were delighted with how it was achieved. There was no way we were going to accept anything less than what Brandy deserved. That fall left her with physical disabilities that were permanent and chronic. She could no longer live her life as she did before the accident.

We made sure to get Brandy compensation for all the following ongoing challenges:

  • Psychological effects of the fall, for which she needed medication and therapy
  • Pain and stiffness that she’d have to endure for the rest of her life
  • Diminished earning capacity and future income loss.
  • Costs of home adaptations and equipment, housekeeping and a multitude of therapies

Although Brandy had to take time off work to recover from her injuries, she remained passionately committed to her vocation. Her employer worked to accommodate her disability as much as possible.


Following the settlement of her claim, Brandy was accepted as a Ph.D. Student in Indigenous Studies. Although the accident left her with permanent and chronic disabilities, with our assistance she was able to remain focused on her career and personal goals and not let the accident derail her plans. While Brandy was able to put part of her settlement towards a new home in the Fraser Valley, ultimately it will allow her to continue to get the care she needs in the future to preserve her quality of life.

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