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At 39-years old, Laura was an avid motorcyclist and animal lover. She was working as a Nursing Aide with the Fraser Health Authority for 17 years. Laura had previously suffered from depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. Finally, she was on her way to recovery with the help of regular psychological and psychiatric counseling.

Before her accident, she was experiencing stability in her professional and personal lives. The motorcycle accident halted her hard-fought progress.


The accident occurred while Laura was riding her motorcycle westbound along Broadway in Vancouver, approaching the intersection of Nanaimo Street. She was occupying the left-most lane travelling at around 60km/hr when, without warning, a motorist made an abrupt left turn directly in front of her.

It was impossible for her to react in time. As a result, Laura was unable to avoid colliding with the turning vehicle. She was thrown off her bike onto the hood of the car, and then fell to the ground. Witnesses called 9-1-1 as it was immediately apparent she had sustained significant injuries.

At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a broken collarbone, for which she underwent surgery at a later date. She also suffered from numerous bruises, contusions, and soft tissue injuries. Fortunately, she was wearing a proper helmet and safety gear and did not suffer a head injury.

Where the accident really took its toll was on her mental health. Due to the trauma of the accident, her depression, anxiety and eating disorder all returned. She also suffered from PTSD, neuropathic pain, and weight gain. More heartbreaking was the fact that it erased Laura’s significant progress in overcoming her disorders.


Given that Laura was wearing the appropriate gear and had the right of way, it was apparent that the Defendant driver was entirely responsible for this accident.

In addition to the compensation Laura received for missing work, she also received a significant amount to help with the care of her home and her pets while recovering.

Most meaningful was that we provided her with the financial means to continue treatments for mental health. In addition to enrolling in the Vista Inpatient Eating Disorder program at St. Paul’s Hospital, she’s now able to continue with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on an ongoing basis. She also sees a psychologist and a kinesiologist to help her manage chronic pain.


Laura was able to return to work in August of 2015, but will always have difficulty with heavy lifting and carrying due to her injuries. Despite her chronic pain, she has returned to riding, and her mental health has once again significantly improved. With all her hard work and treatments, she can look forward to a brighter future.

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