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Leena is a kind 70-year old mother and grandmother. At the time of her first accident, she worked full-time as a community support worker and care aide performing a variety of tasks - transfers, bathing and dressing clients. She’d take them for walks or assist them with daily exercises. In addition to this, Leena cared for her husband who had recently suffered a stroke.


Leena was involved in two accidents eight months apart.

In the first, Leena was driving. Though she wore her seatbelt, she suffered injuries to her neck, upper shoulders, and shoulder blades.

The second accident was the more damaging. Leena was walking across a street and, at the midway point, a vehicle struck her right side. She landed on her tailbone and back. Fortunately, she didn’t hit her head or lose consciousness, but she injured her right knee, left ankle and hips, and suffered extensive bruising. Leena was unable to work or care for her husband following the second accident, causing significant emotional and financial strain on her and her family.


We worked with Leena’s physicians to understand the full extent of her injuries and to determine the treatments she would need. We assisted with the cost of treatment, liaised with her employer ensuring her extended health benefits and extended coverage remained intact during her absence from work. We were able to negotiate a settlement that included an award for Leena’s lost wages, and compensation for the fact that she could not continue working as she had planned. Money can never replace one’s health, but the settlement we achieved provided her family with much needed financial security.


Leena continues to improve. She enjoys spending time with her young grandson and extended family. We’ve kept in touch with Leena and her family and are grateful for the role we  played in her recovery.

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