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Before his collision, Leo was in excellent health and extremely active. He worked full time as a senior software developer and was an avid cyclist. Leo also regularly worked out at the gym and also participated in ultimate Frisbee and soccer. Leo and his wife were busy raising three kids together, she a full-time homemaker and he the sole breadwinner for their family.


Leo is a cycle commuter and had just dropped his youngest child off at school. On his way to work, towing his now empty child-carrier bike trailer behind him, a motorist failed to yield to him on a mini-traffic circle on a designated bicycle route. The motorist struck the empty bike trailer causing Leo’s bike to tip and throwing him to the ground. Even though Leo was wearing a helmet, he sustained a concussion and was transported by ground ambulance to the hospital where he had x-rays and a CT scan of his head. He was left experiencing shoulder pain, a sore neck, on/off tearfulness, fatigue, headaches and increased irritability. Although his physical injuries resolved within about 9 months, his post-concussive psychological injuries continued to have profound impacts on his home and work relationships, ultimately thwarting his prospects for promotion at work.


ICBC denied their motorist was at fault for the collision. However, during cross-examination of the Defendant motorist during legal proceedings, it became apparent that their position of denial wasn’t tenable. We gave Leo the financial security to allow him to continue with psychological treatment to help with the anxiety and emotional consequences of the accident, as well as the financial means to allow him to spend quality time with his family. Leo did not take time away from work after his motor vehicle collision, in part because his family could not do without his income. We obtained a significant settlement for Leo. He and his family can now look forward to a holiday which would not otherwise have been possible.


Leo’s bike is just in for a tune-up, and he is back to riding – the cognitive behavioural, psychological treatment that we funded for him has given him the tools to allow Leo to ‘get back on the horse’ and return to cycling. He has some residual reservations about his vulnerability while on his bike, but he’s able to commute normally. He says he will always be vigilant about vehicles at cross-streets entirely coming to a stop and/or making eye-contact to satisfy himself that he won’t be hit again. Leo was delighted with the result we achieved for him and is enjoying his bicycling again, as well as enjoying the freedom to be able to spend some additional quality time with his family.

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