we fight against unjust home insurance denials, and get the money you deserve.

Denied Home Insurance

you paid your home insurance premiums. now we’ll get them to pay you.

Paying home insurance premiums for years takes faith. You hope you never need your insurance company’s help, but trust it will come through if you do. When it doesn’t, you’re saddled with the costs of damage or loss to your home. You’ve also thrown away money on all the insurance you paid. Our experienced home insurance lawyers know how to get that money back.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for insurance companies to deny or diminish your claim. It helps their bottom line. They come up with all kinds of seemingly valid excuses to support their decision. They’ll question everything from the size of the claim to the condition of your home.

With a strong team of lawyers and investigators on your side, you can fight for the money to which you’re entitled.

Investigations that pay close attention to your interests.

Most claims disputed by insurance companies come down to one factor – lack of supporting evidence. That’s why Helpforme provides a team of lawyers, property damage investigators, and appraisers with the expertise to collect evidence accurately and comprehensively.

Photos, videos, police reports, as well as estimates for repairs and materials are all gathered to support your claim and refute the denial. What’s more, we have the financial resources to do all we can to help you cover the costs until your claim is settled. Having damage to your home is stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to fight for insurance that’s owed to you. We know how insurance companies work, and we use this experience to get you the outcome you deserve.

your wellbeing is our priority.
All our personal legal services are contingency-based. This means you can reduce your stress and financial responsibility from the equation. We’ll support you through every step of your claim.

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