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Life Insurance

you were meant to be protected and we make sure you are.

When a person buys life insurance, they do it to protect their loved ones. They pay into it through their lifetime trusting that their family will be provided for after they die.

It’s an act of love toward family and an act of trust toward the insurance company. Unfortunately, that trust isn’t always honoured. When an insurance company denies a claim, families dealing with grief also face the shock of unexpected financial burdens. Helpforme’s life insurance lawyers understand the impact it can have on you.

As soon as the insurance company starts down a path of denials or difficulties with your claim – call Helpforme for advice. That’s when we can come in and fight for you. We have the financial resources to take on insurance companies.

Get what you’re due at the right time.

While all policy time limits are different, appealing an insurer’s decision needs to be done by a fixed deadline. When life insurance, usually bought for the primary wage earner, is denied, the family loses both their present household income and the future income that was meant to support them. This inevitably creates more stress in already difficult circumstances.

It’s the kind of situation we take to heart. As your legal team, we fight aggressively for you and your family so that you get the money you deserve.

insurance companies may have their reasons, but we will gather evidence to support your case.

Insurance companies find all kinds of reasons to deny your insurance. Sometimes they claim there’s been some kind of misrepresentation, possibly at the time initial medical and other application forms were filled out. Other times they claim the premiums weren’t paid. They might also quote ambiguous exclusion clauses. In fact, many policies use terms that are open to interpretation. Whatever their reasons, we have the resources to find and collect the medical, financial and collateral evidence necessary to support your case. We also know how to study and interpret all kinds of fine print, and clear up ambiguity in your favor.

We have the financial resources to take on large insurance companies, and we’ve done it often. Also, we cover the costs of any investigations that are required to gather evidence and build your claim until you’ve been paid out. Our experience gives us well-honed expertise that enables us to collect strong facts in your favour and negotiate vigorously. What’s more, we’re the kind of people who take this injustice personally. The result is advocacy for you that’s second to none.

your wellbeing is our priority.
All our personal legal services are contingency-based. This means you can reduce your stress and financial responsibility from the equation. We’ll support you through every step of your claim.

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