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How to Appeal ICBC’s Decision

If you want to appeal a decision made by ICBC, there are three options you can take that don’t require hiring a lawyer. All three are available as part of ICBC’s internal review process, and they can be leveraged for all ICBC decisions from car repair issues to determining liability.

Speak to a Manager or Supervisor at the ICBC
If you don’t agree with a decision, contact the person who oversees the adjuster who worked on your file. Discuss the issue with him or her, or get some direction on how to start the Fair Practices Review.

Fair Practices Review
If your previous dealings still didn’t resolve your issue satisfactorily, you should launch a complaint through ICBC’s Fair Practices Review department.

Fairness Commissioner
If you’re still not satisfied with the way your issue has been dealt with, then you can put in a written request to have your issue reviewed by the Fairness Commissioner. The Fairness Commissioner might agree to the review and then make findings and recommendations.

Take it to court
If you’ve done all you can with the ICBC internal process and still don’t feel satisfied, then you can sue. For a small dispute, you can go through the Small Claims Court, or you can hire a lawyer to go through the BC Supreme Court

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