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Should I Hire an ICBC Lawyer?

To protect yourself, we strongly recommend that you consult with an established personal injury lawyer—a consultation with Helpforme is always free. Regardless of which stage of the process you’re in, experienced lawyers can give you a strong idea of what your case is likely worth. If you’ve already filed a claim, they can let you know if the offer from ICBC is fair. You’re also likely to get more money with the help of a lawyer than without one.

If you’ve been in an accident and suffered a soft tissue injury that would only last a short while, you might choose to deal with the adjuster yourself, especially if you think you can get fair compensation.

Generally, if you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s best not to deal with ICBC by yourself. At least, not if you want maximum compensation.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows ICBC’s tactics will give you a better chance of getting the money you want and deserve. Having that lawyer on your side from the start is especially important in these instances:

  • If a family member is killed in the car accident
  • If someone is seriously injured and needs to be hospitalized
  • When liability is questionable, and you suffered moderate to severe injuries
  • Where ICBC denies a claim because of the type of the collision, yet you suffered more than a minor injury
  • When the injury likely has a permanent effect on your income or will require money for future care

An experienced personal injury lawyer has access to investigators and accident reconstruction engineers who know how to collect evidence and expert reports so that you have a complete and compelling claim. Also, a lawyer helps you document your injuries and needs so that these can be included in your claim.

Your lawyer will bill you a fee that’s based on a percentage of your compensation. Bear in mind that the payment will probably far exceed what you would have earned on your own. Ultimately, even after costs, you’ll be in a better financial position. What’s more, your lawyer takes on the stress of dealing with ICBC, and that’s invaluable.

Come in for your free consultation so that you can feel confident at the outset.

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