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When You’re at Fault

If you’re injured in an accident and you are at fault for the accident, you are still entitled to Part VII benefits  for medical and rehabilitation expenses, disability benefits and more. ICBC is liable for up to $300,000 for motor vehicle collisions, regardless of who’s at fault, as stated in Part VII of the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulations. However, this may not cover the full amount of your expenses and you may still incur some costs, such as “user” fees for your treatments.

If you’re partially at-fault, as in not completely responsible for the accident, you still need to pay a portion of your deductible, depending on how the fault is shared. In addition to your basic autoplan, if you have collision coverage you may be eligible to claim compensation for damages, which includes repair and replacement costs, even if the accident is your fault.

If you are found to be partially at fault for an accident, you are still entitled to make an injury claim. Bear in mind your entitlement to damages will be proportionately reduced by the amount for which you are at fault.

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