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from minor to severe car accidents, you can count on powerful Helpforme advocates for your case.

There’s no minor injury in a car accident. It’s a shock to the whole system. What’s more, your car injury can have an effect on your time, your work and on the lives of your loved ones. Ultimately, the goal is to get you the very best outcome when your claim concludes. However, the first concern is helping you recover.

We focus on you with the same care we give your case.

Getting to know you is as critical as collecting the facts of your case. We want to get to know you, because the more we know you, the better we understand how your accident has affected you. It also helps us put together your claim as well as determine what the long-term effects are likely to be. This makes the entire process more meaningful because it becomes personal for all of us.

It means looking at all the facts of your case, from your injuries and the environment where the accident happened, to its ramifications on both your day to day and future activities.

The types of car accidents we've helped.

Distracted Driving

When you get hit because a driver is busy texting rather than paying attention to the road, we can help get you the compensation you deserve.

Left-Hand Turns

If you get injured because you tried to make a left turn just as another driver sped up to beat the light, we can build a case to establish you were not at fault.

Single Car Accidents

Everything from road conditions to car defects can cause you to crash. We’ll help identify the cause, prove liability and get you compensated for your injuries and other losses.

Vehicle Roll Over

When a car tips over onto its side or roof, it can cause devastating injuries. We can help build your case for maximum compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be complex, both medically and with respect to fault. We build a strong case to get you the best possible outcome.

The impact on your life matters as much as physical impact of the accident.

Getting the full picture requires diligently recording obvious injuries like broken bones and testing for easily missed ones like concussions and PTSD, as well as looking out for signs of injuries that can show up later or develop into degenerative issues.

It can also mean assessing your needs for child and home care, or home adaptations like wheelchair ramps and roll-in showers. We can arrange to have these needs accommodated and paid for until your claim is settled.

"Joel and his team took the time to not only learn of the accident details but who I was as a person to take me on a path on settling my body and property damage, leaving me the freedom to recover and get on with my life."
Rob T.
"Thanks to Dale I didn't have to worry about anything and was able to focus all my efforts into making a full recovery. Now I am able to enjoy riding my bike to work and around the seawall again."
Jasper N.

when details of the accident fail you, our investigative skills won’t.

Sudden trauma can make your mind go blank. In fact, it’s common to have trouble piecing together key details. We might need to delve deep to find fault in certain accidents like those involving left-hand turns, hit and run, single cars, and distracted driving.

That’s when you need a strong investigative team to find black boxes, cameras, and witnesses to support your claim, as well as experienced accident reconstruction engineers who analyze everything from road conditions to seat belt placement.

Reputable experts ensure credibility.

Experts with solid reputations and experience know where to look for all the facts, get the complete story (not just part of it) and objectively prepare your case so that it can’t be discredited. All these facts are brought together then leveraged with remarkable negotiating skills to maximize your claim.

Time stops in a car accident, but the effects can last a lifetime. In those cases, compensation should too.

Here’s how Helpforme experts helped others.


your wellbeing is our priority.
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