a team with in-flight injury experience that will go after the compensation you deserve.

In-Flight Accidents

no matter where you are in the world, you deserve a legal team who'll get maximum compensation for your injuries.

If you’ve suffered a flight injury and face jurisdictional issues we can simplify your case.

Establishing liability from the outset is key to targeting time and energy in the right direction. A legal team with in-depth knowledge of domestic and international travel laws will be better able to get you maximum compensation in the most efficient way.


When you're in a plane, you expect to be kept safe.

Some injuries have obvious causes like design failures, poor maintenance or human error. Others are caused by negligence or other inadequate standards of safety.

With an established and well-connected legal team, you get access to engineers and scientists who have the specific expertise to thoroughly and accurately collect the facts towards building a powerful case.

You’ll also get access to medical specialists with the foresight to identify injuries with long-term effects on your life so compensation for the future can be included in your settlement.


We look after you as well as your case.

Some injuries can have a devastating effect on your daily living. For that reason, if you need therapy, home adaptations, child care or support to help you regain your life, we arrange it for you. We also do whatever we can to get the costs covered until your claim is settled.

To ensure that all your needs are met, and to make certain that the compensation we seek reflects what you deserve, we get to know everything we can about you and your lifestyle. It becomes a personal journey for us too, and we’re there with you, and for you, every step of the way.

The types of in-flight accidents we've helped.

Falling luggage

When luggage falls from an overhead bin and causes injury, we have the team of experts and legal strategies to help you get the settlement you deserve.

Spilled hot beverage

When you get burned because a flight staff member causes coffee or some other hot beverage to spill on you, we’re here to identify who was liable and build your case for the compensation which should be yours.

Rolling cart injuries

When the cart carrying drinks and snacks is not properly secured and causes injury to you, you’re entitled to a strong legal team that gets you the compensation you’re entitled to.

Slip and Falls

If you slip and fall during a flight, a team of experts with experience in international and domestic travel laws can help you build a compelling case to get the best possible outcome.


Injuries aren’t always caused by turbulence alone. Often, negligence is involved. Together with a team of experts, we identify liability and help build a strong case.

Here’s how Helpforme experts helped others.


your wellbeing is our priority.
All our personal legal services are contingency-based. This means you can reduce your stress and financial responsibility from the equation. We’ll support you through every step of your claim.

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