a motorcycle accident requires a specific expertise.

Motorcycle Accident ICBC Claims

it takes special skill to win a motorcycle accident case.

Motorcycle injuries require a high level of legal expertise and experience to win. They’re amongst the most complex accident cases for three reasons:


Bias about bikers

Bikers often face a bias. The assumption is that they’re risk-takers, speed lovers, and rule breakers. This stigma has to be called out and overcome by your lawyer when dealing with insurers.



Motorcycles provide little protection in terms of structure, size, visibility and stability (especially against road conditions). One accident can have many causes. Identifying each one and the role they play together can be challenging.


intensity of accidents

Virtually all motorcycle injuries are orthopedic and catastrophic. Even with a helmet, head traumas are common. For this reason, insurance companies will fight hard to avoid paying fair compensation.

Bikers, lawyers, engineers work to establish liability.

There are experienced motorcycle riders at Helpforme. They know what makes bikers susceptible and, as a result, can spot and analyze factors other lawyers may miss. Their hands-on knowledge makes them strong advocates.

Helpforme works alongside a select team of reputable experts who have specialized skills in motorcycle accidents to identify the causes and conditions that led to your accident. Engineering evidence, data collection, accident reconstruction, and assessing motorcycle damage all figure into establishing where liability lies.

The types of motorcycle accidents we've helped.

Car Doors

When a driver opens the door of their parked vehicle and strikes you while you’re riding your motorcycle, then you deserve a strong legal team on your side.

Sudden stops

When the car in front of you stops suddenly causing you to crash into them and the evidence shows you’re entitled to compensation, our goal is to get it for you.

Left-Hand Turns

When you take a left turn just as another driver tries to beat the light, it can cause catastrophic injuries. We want to get you the compensation you deserve.

Dangerous road conditions

When potholes, ice or other hazardous conditions cause you to lose control of your motorcycle, you deserve a powerful team of experts to get you the best possible outcome.

Motorcycle defects

When a poorly designed or manufactured motorcycle or part causes you to crash or lose control of your bike, you need a well-established legal team to make a strong case for you.

Maximum compensation with maximum support along the way.

Too often, motorcycle accident victims suffer from large medical and rehabilitation expenses, not to mention lost wages. It’s not unusual for health and occupational damages to persist through a lifetime.

All of this is taken into account when it comes to time to settle, but helping you recover your life begins right away. Brain injuries, broken bones and road rash are some of the most common injuries from motorcycle accidents. If you need therapy, plastic surgery, home adaptations, child care, daily living aids – Helpforme will do whatever it can to assist in getting these resources in place. If financial assistance is required, Helpforme will do all it can to get the costs covered until your claim is settled.

Here’s how Helpforme experts helped others.


your wellbeing is our priority.
All our personal legal services are contingency-based. This means you can reduce your stress and financial responsibility from the equation. We’ll support you through every step of your claim.

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