slip and falls are tricky. you need a strong team on your side.

Slip & Fall Accident

not your fault. not your price to pay.

A slip injury or falling accidents can happen to anyone. Sometimes people blame themselves. The elderly especially, may assume their own frailty made them susceptible. Others presume weather was the cause and nothing can be done, but property owners and occupiers have responsibilities – if they were at fault, they should be held accountable. Liability may be difficult to prove and that’s where our expertise comes in.

What’s at question in a Slip and Fall is whether or not premises were kept “reasonably” safe. And when what’s “reasonable” is contested, you’ll be pleased to have the Helpforme team on your side.

The right experts on your team.

Typically, those responsible for the premises will insist that a system of maintenance and inspection was in place and that they should not be held liable. Our team of experts are often able to show that this is simply not true.

Specific engineers – civil, mechanical, biomechanical – will analyze your accident. Investigators will search for patterns of negligence and other key details. Medical specialists will assess existing injuries and their long-term consequences.

To build a credible case, facts need to be collected with integrity and thoroughness. Together with these experts, the Helpforme legal team will prepare your claim and enable you to go for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Types of slips and falls we've helped.

Wet floors and walkways

When you slip on anything from water to food – and it results in injury to you, we can help you build the strongest case possible.

Tripping hazards in aisles

When equipment, merchandise and other small or large tripping hazards are left in the way, it can lead to injury. We help you establish liability and seek compensation.

Damaged floors and covers

When flooring or floor covers cause a person to lose footing we have the resources and expertise to properly analyze the circumstances and build a strong case for you.

Ice and snow

When weather conditions and poor maintenance combine to cause injury, our experienced lawyers will prepare the case to ensure maximum compensation.

Inadequate lighting

When you fall, trip or slip because of poor lighting, then our team of legal experts will work with engineers, medical specialists and other experts to advocate on your behalf.

Rehab, ramps and anything else you may need to recover.

A case can’t be made overnight. What can be done right away is getting what you need to move your recovery forward. Rehabilitation, occupational therapy, walkers, ramps, and housekeeping – Helpforme will do everything possible to ensure that your present and future needs are met. This includes arranging financial assistance until your settlement is reached. That way, you can focus on improvements – not losses.

The goal is to reach the best possible outcome for you.

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