Estate Litigation cases can be complex.

It’s important to understand your legal options when it comes to challenging a will or establishing the validity of your claim.

If you believe a loved one has been coerced or manipulated into changing a will they may have been a victim of undue influence.

Bringing a Wills Variation Claim

Contesting the validity of a will

Initiating an Estate Value Dispute

Other Estate Litigation, Administration, and Probate Issues

Quick FAQs

The timeframe for contesting the validity of a will depends on the circumstances and time limits will apply. We recommend booking a free consultation to assess your situation.

Contesting validity of a will pertains to a much wider group than just spouses, biological, or adopted children. If you have interest in an estate, call us to see if your situation qualifies.

Contesting the Validity of a will

  • Can be pursued when a family member was coerced or did not have the capacity to change their will, and more.
  • The aim is to have the will declared invalid.

An estate includes all of the property that the deceased owned or had an interest including bank accounts, real estate holdings, and personal property such as vehicles, jewelry, and art.

Estates can also include shares in companies or businesses that are growing.

Beneficiaries have 180 days from the grant of probate, not from the date of passing, to bring forward a wills variation claim.

Wills variation claims pertain to a very narrow group that includes spouses and biological or adopted children.
Every case is different. The type of legal fee will depend on your particular situation. You may qualify for our contingency fee option, which means that you do not have to pay a legal fee until your claim is resolved satisfactorily. Resources created by lawyers to help you understand your legal options.

Publicly recorded case examples and outcomes

What are you obliged to leave to family members by law?

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What if you favor one beneficiary over another?

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What if you question the motives of a loved one's marriage?

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Can you justify disinheritance of adult children in your Will?

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Do legal obligations to a spouse compare to moral obligations to a child?

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Can post-death taxes be considered in will variation claims?

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If you and your family members disagree over the value of an estate, you have legal options.

Will I need to go to court if I pursue an estate litigation claim?

Understanding when litigation support may be required in an estate matter.

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